Adam Chase

Adam Chase
Old Hall Primary School
Bury, UK

The teacher who believes in hands-on learning and taking his students on a class trip to the moon

Many of us have hopes and dreams of who we want to be as we grow older. Sometimes everything goes to plan. Others, life takes a mysterious turn and throws you a curveball that will change your life.

Adam Chase is the computing lead and Code Club teacher at Old Hall Primary School who likes to go by the nickname That Geeky Teacher. Although Adam had dreams of working in the education industry from an early age, becoming a teacher wasn’t exactly what he had planned.

Adam originally wanted to go into educational psychology and had even secured a place at Edinburgh University to study it. However, life had other plans. At a college career day, Adam was due to listen to someone from the industry but when they didn’t show up, Adam’s lecturer suggested that he attend the teaching lecture instead.

“So I went and it sounded amazing. I instantly went back to my old primary school and got some experience. That was when I was 17. I did an extra year in college and I haven’t look back.”

Adam’s motivation is sparked by the moment when he discovers that his teaching is resonating with his students. For Adam, creating that unique hands-on experience is vital.

“Whether it is using virtual reality so that rather than reading that the shark is 3.8 meters, they can physically see in it in the classroom with them or going on a virtual school trip to the moon or, as with the SAM Labs kits, physically seeing the effects of what is going on between steps in the SAM Space app, is amazing.“

The most enjoyable aspect of Adam’s job is working with children. He also acknowledges that every now and then there can be challenges, however, the key is to remember the wow moments. 

According to Adam, the boring answer to why STEAM subjects are important is that there is a deficit of people who go into STEAM careers and society has a responsibility to educate the future world for it. However the fun answer is easy: it’s engaging, it’s interesting and it appeals to a child’s nature. 

At Old Hall Primary School, excellence is led by example. Adam explains that it has taken time to raise the profile of coding and technology but they’ve come far already. He had originally planned to have 18 people in his code club, however, the number has now grown to 36 and all of those students want to attend the code club outside of school time. 

Adam is impressed with SAM Labs: “SAM Labs is doing something really rare. I am a bit of a geek but it made me stop and go wow - it’s different and it’s interesting. You’ve also got aspects like pairing - it’s so accessible. I love how these components of the circuit work. It’s ticking all the boxes.”

The students at Old Hall Primary School are big fans of SAM Labs too. According to the self-proclaimed geek, his students love creating with SAM Labs and he even finds it difficult to bring the lessons to a close.

The future is definitely bright for Adam and his students. With his passion for hands-on learning, he will continue to enhance his students’ lives with 21st-century skills that will skyrocket his students to the moon.