David Lockett

David Lockett
Bok Academy
Lake Wales, Florida, USA

A teacher who’s on a mission to bring project-based learning and STEM to his students

David Lockett is a STEM teacher at Bok Academy in Lake Wales, Florida. He teaches students in grades 6-8 and regularly attends various educational conferences around the US giving talks on STEM and technology.

David encourages his students to participate in hands-on activities such as engineering and robotics challenges and IoT projects on a daily basis. He is passionate about bringing the magic of STEM to his students and making sure they all get their daily dose of innovation and creation.

The teaching profession runs in David’s family, so it’s something that he has been surrounded by throughout his life. He has also always been very interested in science so he had no hesitation to combine the two to share his passion with others.

When we catch up for our chat, David is at the National Science Teachers Association Conference in Atlanta and is about to give a talk on STEM, coding and IoT. Events like this are an important part of David’s life, as he discovers new technology and brings it back to class to show it to his students. He loves seeing the smiles on students’ faces when they interact with new technology and learn how they work.

Although David’s students are particularly interested in STEM, he’s got a few tips and tricks for those educators whose students aren’t engaged with technology.

He shares that it’s important to discover what students are most interested in and find a way to combine them because coding does not only necessarily fit into computing class. Integrating programming into art, math, science or astronomy class is the perfect way to spike the coding interest in those curious minds.

Without hesitation, David states that there should be a lot more support available for educators to teach coding and STEM. He adds that attending conferences and training sessions have helped him get where he is now and educators should grab those opportunities when they can.

SAM Labs kits are a part of David’s class on a weekly basis and contribute to the students’ hands-on STEM learning experience. He adds that a lot of their classes are project-based and they often visit the SAM Labs website and social media channels to find inspiration to find new ideas for their lessons.

David finds the SAM Labs blocks easy to connect and explains that this method of coding is very interesting and engaging for his students.

“They can integrate the projects within different activities they’re using and it can show them that hey, coding is fun, it keeps them interested.”

David recognizes the positive impact SAM Labs kits’ have had on the kids and continues to use SAM Labs in his classes in the future:

“There is so much more excitement and a lot more hands-on learning. The students are very interested and they often ask, ‘What else can we do with this?’ They want to try and find as many different projects as they can to work on.”