Sarrie Paguirigan

Sarrie Paguirigan

Sarrie Paguirigan
Corte Madera School
California, USA

A makerspace superstar who is teaching students how to develop passion for learning

Sarrie Paguirian is a maker coach at the makerspace at Corte Madera School in Portola Valley, California.

Some say if you choose a job you love, you’ll never have to work a day in your life. This is what led Sarrie to working in schools: she became an educator based on her strong passion for learning.

With 25 years of experience behind her working in special education in another school district, Sarrie joined Corte Madera School as the Makerspace Innovation Coach at the school’s makerspace. She works closely with grades four to eight and also carries out an after-school maker club.

For Sarrie, one of the most important aspects of her job is to teach her students about what led her to work in education in the first place.

“Teaching students to love to learn is one of the most important things. You also have to be willing to find a way to teach each and every individual student because we all learn differently.”

There are also countless fun moments in her daily job.

“Waiting for that ‘’aha’’ moment, when the student, who was struggling, can then finally get it right.”

Sarrie explains that STEM subjects are crucial in students’ everyday lives and there should be a stronger emphasis placed on implementing them. She adds that a makerspace is one solution and it’s a great place where students can produce something in the real world:

“It’s all about taking what you’ve learned from the book and applying it into real life concepts.”

She has noticed that some students are more interested in coding than others - for those situations Sarrie has her own methods to help those who might not naturally love technology as much as some other students.

“For the kids that struggle, I usually take them to the back of the classroom, sit down with them and do it together. Just to show that it is like a puzzle and once you figure it out it is really nice to see the outcome of being able to stick with it.”

According to Sarrie, SAM Labs kits get used the most during lunchtime in her school. Students are free to go in and experiment with the kits and once they get to know blocks they can start building and inventing.

Like many educators, Sarrie likes SAM Labs because there are no wires involved. She adds the students like that they’re able to walk around the class and still be able to control their inventions.

One of Sarrie’s main projects includes teaching her students problem solving skills. For example, thinking of designing a house for a deaf or a blind person - how could they use SAM Labs to indicate them that someone is ringing the doorbell?

Sarrie recommends SAM Labs to any makerspace or even someone teaching a special education class as the special ed class in her school has been using SAM Labs with great success.

Sarrie’s future will be filled with learning and inspiring students in her makerspace to share her love for learning. And who knows, maybe her class already includes a future makerspace coach!