Year 4 - Curriculum Alignment Map

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Computing At Schools (CAS) Progression Grid Standards covered throughout the Year 4 lessons on SAM Space.
Pink and Yellow levels covered throughout.


Year 4 (Ages 8–10)


Night Light


Music Box


Sow & Grow


Resistance & Friction


Smart Doorbell


Magnetic Forces


Energy in Motion


Paired Up Numbers


Survival of the Fittest


Animal Characteristics


Strength in Numbers

Software Used

SAM Space

SAM Space

SAM Space

SAM Space

SAM Space

SAM Space

SAM Space

SAM Space

SAM Space

SAM Space

SAM Space


Orange Level

Designs solutions (algorithms) that use repetition and two-way selection i.e. if, then and else.

Uses diagrams to express solutions.

Uses logical reasoning to predict outputs, showing an awareness of inputs.

Blue Level

Shows an awareness of tasks best completed by humans or computers.

Designs solutions by decomposing a problem and creates a sub-solution for each of these parts.

Recognises that different solutions exist for the same problem.

Purple Level

Understands that iteration is the repetition of a process such as a loop.

Recognises that different algorithms exist for the same problem.

Red Level

Understands a recursive solution to a problem repeatedly applies the same solution to smaller instances of the problem.

Recognises that some problems share the same characteristics and use the same algorithm to solve both.

Programming and Development

Orange Level

Creates programmes that implement algorithms to achieve given goals.

Declares and assigns variables.

Uses post-tested loop e.g. ‘until’, and a sequence of selection statements in programmes, including an if, then and else statement.

Blue Level

Understands the difference between, and appropriately uses if and if, then and else statements.

Uses a variable and relational operators within a loop to govern termination.

Designs, writes and debugs modular programmes using procedures.

Knows that a procedure can be used to hide the detail with sub-solution.

Purple Level

Understands that programming bridges the gap between algorithmic solutions and computers.

Uses a range of operators and expressions e.g. Boolean, and applies them in the context of programme control.

Selects the appropriate data types.

Red Level

Appreciates the need for, and writes, custom functions including use of parameters.

Knows the difference between, and uses appropriately, procedures and functions.