Drum Machine

Wakey, Wakey. The drum machine will wake you up in the morning or be the main asset to your garage band. Use the "Time Trigger" Soft SAM to make it an alarm clock, or switch that out for a "Morse Code" beat! Customise this machine however you like, and you'll be entertained for days!

You will need: Tins, Fork, Bottle or glass container, Pencil o Stick, Elastic bands, 1 DC Motor.

  1. Take a small tin and attach the fork to it using a few elastic bands.
  2. Place a stick in the middle of the fork using elastic bands.
  3. Stick small sticks into a wheel, leaving a few holes in between each. Secure the wheel onto the DC Motor's axel.
  4. Attach the DC Motor to the big tin with an elastic band.
  5. Line up the 3 mechanisms.
  6. Now it's time to open SAM Space. Turn the SAM DC Motor on, and drag it onto the canvas. Then drag on the "Keyboard", the "Time trigger" and "Toggle" Soft SAMs. Set the time with the "Time Trigger" block and connect it to the "Toggle" and to the DC Motor (which will control the drum stick). To use the "Keyboard" as a snooze button, connect it to the "Toggle" to turn the alarm off, and to a "Delay" to turn the alarm back on in 9 minutes.
  7. Fear no more, here you have a personal marching band alarm clock for those determined snoozers.