Create your own flip book, and save yourself the flipping!

You will need: Scissors, Cardboard, Paper, Glue, Colour pens, 1 SAM DC Motor.

  1. Cut 6 cardboard pieces to create a cuboid.
  2. On the long side, pieces make a hole for the DC Motor in one of them and a small hole in the other one (which will be for an axle).
  3. Glue the 6 sides together.
  4. Cut 2 circles out of cardboard (that will fit inside of the cuboid) and make small holes around the whole perimeter.
  5. Create connectors for the circles (to make it cylindrical) by cutting 2 cardboard pieces.
  6. Cut square paper pieces with tabs on the ends that you will stick into the cylinder. Draw your story on the paper, remembering that cartoons look awesome when they're changed subtly from frame to frame.
  7. Put the paper pieces into the cylinder holes.
  8. Place the cylinder inside the cuboid, attaching it to the DC Motor.
  9. Now open SAM Space. Turn the SAM DC Motor on, and drag it onto the canvas. Drag the "Toggle" and "Keyboard" Soft SAMs onto the canvas too. Connect the "Keyboard" block to the "Toggle" and then to the DC motor. This will keep the flipbook running once you press the "Keyboard" key.
  10. Flip out!!