LEGO Ball Sorter

Go like a pro. Use the SAM Light sensor as a color sensor!

You will need: 1x LEGO Crawler Crane Set 42042, 1x SAM Light Sensor, 1x SAM LED, 1x SAM Servo.

  1. First build the LEGO Ball Machine. On the internet they are also called LEGO Great Ball Contraptions (GBCs).
    3D Building Instructions are available at:
  2. Then Install the SAM LED and SAM Light Sensor in the appropriate place. Also install the SAM Servo and connect the shaft to the LEGO shaft. Best way to do this is with a little bit of tape as it doesn't need to handle much force.
  3. Power all the SAMs on by pressing the power button on each SAM.
  4. Then make the software in the SAM space to detect the colors and control the servo.

     When the SAM Light Sensor reaches a certain threshold (e.g. 81 in our case), the SAM Servo should change position. We used a software hold block to give the balls some time to reach the servo when they are detected by the Light sensor.