Morse Code

You will need: wood, a rubber band, Magnets, an Inventor Kit wheel, paint, hot glue, SAM Tilt Sensor, SAM Buzzer

  1. First, cut the base, the lever, and the supports from a wooden piece and sand them to achieve a smooth finish
  2. Glue the supports to the base with hot glue
  3. Paint every element with your favourite colour
  4. Attach the Tilt Sensor to the rotation point of the lever with the rubber bands. Introduce the SAM Buzzer between the supports glued before
  5. Then, glue the magnets with the same poles facing each other on the base and the lever. This will allow you to create an invisible spring. May the force be with you
  6. Program the Morse code machine in the SAM Space app. Connect the SAM Tilt Sensor to the SAM Buzzer or to the sound player to create a real Morse code sound
  7. Send secret messages to your friends!