Build a vintage phonograph! Using a SAM Light sensor and Tilt, you can control the music.

You will need: Wood, Coloured paper, Clothes peg, Scissors, Hot Glue, Cardboard, Tilt Sensor, Light Sensor , Dc Motor.

  1. First, create the base of the phonograph using wooden pieces and cover it with paper to make it nice. Remember to make a hole for the SAM DC Motor shaft and the SAM Light sensor block.
  2. Then, using coloured paper, create the phonograph horn and the needle starting from polygonal shapes.
  3. In order to direct the light on top of the Light Sensor attach a paper cylinder to the clothes peg and glue it to the base.
  4. To make the turntable platform, make a disk out of wood and drill 2.8mm (dc motor shaft is 3mm) in the centre of it. Attach the disk to the DC Motors just pushing it in.
  5. To create the vinyl with different melodies and rhythms, cut a circle out of cardboard and make holes with different shapes in the whole perimeter. Remember the holes needs to be aligned with where they'd shine onto the light sensor. The holes will control the amount of light the light sensor will receive.
  6. Introduce the light sensor into the hole created for it on the base.
  7. Attach the Tilt Sensor on top of the needle.
  8. Now, open SAM Space. Turn the SAM Tilt Sensor, the Light Sensor and the DC Motor and drag them onto the canvas. Link the Tilt to the DC Motor and the sound player SoftSAMs to make the vinyl turn and play a chosen base sound. Then, connect the light sensor to the OnOff and the Note SoftSAMs and the Note to the MidiOut. This way, depending on the light received a different note will be sent to MidiOut.
  9. Now it's your turn! Personalise your own vinyl creating your own melodies!