The Next Bach

Did you know you can control your computer with SAM Blocks? Dance, brush your teeth, or do jumping jacks while you become a better composer than Bach. Using the website, you can use SAM as a conducting baton to play the piano! Now that's killing two birds with one stone.

You will need: Elastic bands, Pen or Stick, Colour papers, SAM Tilt sensor.

  1. To create the baton, use a wooden stick (a bbq skewer works) or a pen.
  2. Decorate the baton by adding some wooden filament on the tip.
  3. Using two elastic bands attach the SAM Tilt sensor to the top of the wand
  4. Don't forget your orchestra! Cut two squares out of paper, one for the body and the other one for the head.
  5. Draw the face on and the suit using a black pen.
  6. Make a cone with each of the squares and glue together.
  7. Now your orchestra needs instruments to play. Use a sheet of coloured paper to draw the outline of the instrument and cut it out. Tip* be sure you've got each section of an orchestra: woodwinds, brass, percussion, and strings for maximum effect.
  8. Program Your SAMs! In SAM Space, turn on and drag the tilt sensor onto the interface. Connect the tilt to the "To Key" Soft SAM by connecting the dots.
  9. Lastly, go to and you're ready to play!