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Our fully revised 2019 STEAM lessons include 50+ standards-aligned lessons for Key Stage 1 and 2 showcasing our innovative approach to Curriculum, Teaching and Learning


Curriculum: All aligned with the National Curriculum for KS2 (KS1 to be released in September). Emphasis on a cross-curricular approach and offers broad coverage of science objectives, additional focus on Computing, DT, Art, Music Maths with links to English


 Teaching: Ready-made lesson plans, lesson slides, student handouts and student step-by-step. Comprehensive lesson structure from theory to practice with built-in formative assessments for students to evidence and reflect on learning


Learning: Visual, interactive and engaging lesson content based on real-world contexts. Blend of physical and digital with unique SAM Labs hardware and software with emphasis on 21st Century skills and the development of computational thinking


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1.1 Light and Shadows

2.4 Resistance and Friction

3.2 Morse Code

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